Shall We start..


The soft flowing hair is known by most I'm sure , Nada from CaTwA's ( non free) seemed to just frame the almost innocent doe eyed looking face on this skin from Bare Sensuals. The skin was only 10ls, there were others to choose from, as was the shape I picked up at External Appearance. She has many 10l no mod shapes offered right now. This one came from the box by the door of her shop which also included a male shape and a Fall wreath for your home. ( not shown) I L o v e the teeth tattoo from Heartsick, this gave the perfect round arch to her lips IMHO. Next up was the gift wrapping for our little cutie from ::Pinkie:: transparent black lace with the soft pink high waist skirt, gave those legs a sexy look bringing our eyes to the smoldering red heels from " Mimi ". Oh! and Lets not forget the great pose I picked up from BehaviorBody. This was the free version to give us a taste of the full one. It comes with a texture change hud for the floors and walls another great item from their shop. I think for a new av from my reg,. one I use she turned out kind of nice.

Total cost to make her 370L's

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Nada HairStyle/Summer Blondies ( not free)
Shape: External Appearance Galaxy KB Shape
Skin: Bare Sensual BS Deniela
Teeth tattoo: Heartsick ( from Nov new group gift Idira:4)
Outfit: ::Pinkie::Woman Essence November Group Gift
Shoes: " Mimi " pumps, red ( group gift in notices)
Pose: BehaviorBody-GlamCornerProp-FreeVersion
non free eyes from Redgrave


The First Post-- there always is one isn't there

I know, I know.. I hear it from where I'm sitting.. OMG another blog!? :smiles: Well Why not.. I enjoy sharing goodies with friends, and I'm sure your friends right? Can I bring anything new to your SL lives, other then my odd way of looking at life, or my typos, or maybe a bad joke once in a while, I certainly hope so. I'm going to try to express myself with this blog. I'm hoping a few friends will be jumping in to help.
I don't have a style in mind yet for pictures, or writing... Just a lady sitting in her SL world thinking; "Hey this might be fun." I'm sure I'll make mistakes along the way.. and if you can give advise on what you, the readers like .. dislike... or anything helpful I'd love to hear it. Writing to tell me my photos "sux".. or I typo'ed a word .. really isn't going to help anyone, I'll improve as we go along.
I'd like to have fun with this blog and help out some new folks that find their way into SL like all of us " oldies" did one day. So .. enough chatter ..lets give it a try.