Hello for a update....

I know  its been a while since I posted anything here,  RL  and computer problems  stopped me for a while. 
I would like to thank all those that keep checking on the site and hope when things  settle once again for myself that I can again  enjoy posting items. 

Until then,  Please  follow the link to  Sl Style Daily Wire  and  check  out all of the great  bloggers  doing such a wonderful job of coverage on  up-to-date  styles, freebies, events, and hunts.! 

I am still keeping up to date with any add's  to the  feed so If you would like  to be added  just send a email via the contact  app. Thanks and have a great day.




Label Motions + Mesh Around

Label Motions_NewShop2012June

Label Motions has a new  location and shop inworld.
Along with that there is a new subscription board  with a new gift inside.
Its a  nice cell phone pose prop, comes in two colors with  hud, stand
and single poses.
So take a trip over, check  out the new shop and new releases,
while  there you  can pick up this cool cell gifty.

Label Motions_SubGiftNewShop

Label Motions_SubGiftNewShop2

Outfit worn


[Blossom] Teal Chained  free welcome gift
Nails Formanails  Form Long  Design FN2010/1
Lipstick Diamond Avatar Lipstick vs 01 lipstick 4



Spring day... Mesh Around


MA # 1 .evolve. dandy  skirt ecru
MA #44   Loordes of London Bristol Chiffon Top muted  blue
TAH # 52 Little Red .LR. Accessory Hunt  tote
[Blossom] Teal Chained  free welcome gift
Nails Formanails  Form Long  Design FN2010/1
Lipstick Diamond Avatar Lipstick vs 01 lipstick 4


[kik] hair,

Mesh Around cont'


MA # 60 [nn] DesignsWide Sweater Mesh  Striped grey
Jewelry  TAH# 53 Ear Candy Sunburst and  Ribbon Earrings/Necklace/ ring/ bangles

Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine Gold
Nails Formanails  Form Long  Design FN2010/1
Hair [kik] Susanna black
Lipstick Diamond Avatar Lipstick vs 01 lipstick 4
A&M Plastic Lips Pink Petal 30%
Bag [Armidi Gisaci] Gordie Leather bag black ( not availble any longer? )



Just a little Meshing Around


MA 18 Aura Necklace
MA 2 Geometry  shirt/ skirt
MA 46 The Mesh Shop   Watch
MA  50  Mg Earrings Zaadori Jade Gold
MA 34  Miamai MA catwalk lashes

GF STrap Shoes Alex Patent Yellow Tstrap
A&A Misa Hair 7
June Filthy Group gift F
Ikon  Vip Group gift June 2012
A&M Plastic lips  Orange 10%
Diamond Avatar Lipsticks V 01 #8


Ma 14 HANDverk Sunburst Clock Red
Ma 19 Ingenue Lottie Bustier Cherries Jubiless
Ma 13 B &T Mesh Studio Marie Black Chiffon outfit

*Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary Hair Sienna
June Filthy Group gift F
Ikon  Vip Group gift June 2012
A&M Plastic lips  Orange 10%
Diamond Avatar Lipsticks V 01 #8

meshingaround3 pinkwatermelon

Left --MA 4 Happy Undead Tube Dress [watermelon}
N core Coquette Platforms Pink
[e] Never Blonde 11
Formanails Flowerdreams

Right --MA 4 Happy Undead Tube Dress [summer]
*GF* strap shoes alex patent yellow
Hair old hunt gift from Tamiron Forge
Jewelry ::PM:: Margo Earrings/ Necklace
Formanails BlueDream

Web Site  with Hints and Surls
Mesh Around Hunt The Ego Co. 


Pay it forward

Digital Image Arts & Serendipity Designs

In my travels   the other day I  ran into  this  outgoing, bubbly 
 wonderful person named Kyra Ishtair -Juneberry.
I was looking for a new home just bouncing around  the grid  checking out
new builds and the like. 
Well .. I have to say  if your  looking for  something special  in a house  
You  should  go over and check into her  builds. 
While  talking with her I found out she also does   morph photos in  SL, 
ranging from  Profile needs to  the more  sensual  smexy  kind of photos  
you might want to hang up in your private  rooms " winks" 

Below is a slideshow sample of her work.  
just click to view.
Really a  talented lady.

Digital Image Arts,  Profile, Morph and Sensual Morph Photographer.
a full service photography and graphic arts studio.

Kyra's studio is available for all photoshoots, private events, weddings, corporate headshots, grand openings and more.

Contact Kyra Ishtari  in world for prices


Serendipity Designs

 Check out her  lastest  build  here on Market place

Log Cabins, Single Family homes and more.
Outstanding homes  for your family, or  single life.
Kyra Ishtari-Juneberry, Owner and Lead Designer of Serendipity Designs Group.


Belleza Skin,

I went to a Cynful City for a party!

Congratulations!!!!! Cynful  Clothing turned 3 yrs old! and CnS e-motions,  the pose and props  shop, will reach 4! In SL thats really a big milestone. I remember some of my frist poses coming from CnS,  and the ever smexy sexiness that  Cynful Clothing  designs  turn heads  to this day.

There was a  party in honor of the event yesterday from 10 am slt  time  till 4ish  slt time. I was  really glad I
got to stay for  part of it before  the lag got to my old computer.  The  new  sim their on  is amazing too. So many great designers  gathered there showing off  some new releases  you should check into.  Cynful  has serveal  new items out and will worth the trip  over. If thats not enough to take a tp  ride over,  the  gifts are still out from the party.  I have no idea how long they will be there .. but at the time  I'm posting this,  they were still out. Sorry if you do miss them, but while you're there  take a look around  check out the  shops you will find some great buys!

Gifts from Blog this!, ..::Energie::.., MG, Cynful, ! MEYA ! ~,..:: Legal Insanity ::.., Sweet Sin, -::HH:: Hucci, CnS e-motions  and more.

Thank you for the gifts  and the party., and Thank you to the designers that showed  some love.

Some of the gifts

This Great  pose prop from MEYA, make your self  a gift for  someone.
Top from Cynful,  Necklace from Legal Insanity, Jeans from  Blog This!
Ear Rings from  MG 12 in 1  designs
Belleza Lily V2 though out post


Cynful's  smexy  outfit to guests. Top  and Mesh mini
Shoes from ..::Energie::..


Mesh Dress from Hucci, Anada dress, Ocean veiw
Butterfly tat by Sweet Sin comes in all layers

and More!  I  cant show them all so you have time 
to go and get  the items if  their still out.


Ali and Ali Designs,

Happy Birthday Beachwood Club!

The Beachwood Club  has a very special celebration going on, the  club just turned  4 yrs old in SL.
Great  club.. music and people. Go over and  visit  with them have some fun.
Of course  there are always gifts  on someones  birthday, right?
and  their going to be all for  the  folks that visit.
Gifts from awesome designers such as AlterEgo, CoLoReTas, MooShooz, POM, VP, B&T, Belleza
and more.

I put together a few of the items for you to get a look see..


Skin: Belleza Lily V2 med
Outfit: AlterEgo .. With Love
Boots: Smexy Boots Star black


Skin Belleza Lily V2 Med 
Outfit: :.<B&T>.: M*A*S*H ..bw!
Ipod: ::KAZ:: Gold Ipod white armband
[ICS] *Music is Life* tattoo

Not from Beachwood but  totally cute and free 
Hair from Ali&Ali Designs  f voting gift  25th of May 2012--Misa 


Skin Belleza Lily V2 Med 
Mesh Top:  emale-Tank_MESH- Beachwood_B.day 
Jeans: ::KAZ:: urban ripped cutout jeans SEXY Lightblue pink
 Ear Plugs: <- PoM -> - Ear Piercing - Plug and Swirl comes with color pick menu for all parts
Shoes: MooShooZ! Flats - Crimson Linen (comes with a  leopard pair  too )
[ICS] *Music is Life* tattoo

Not from Beachwood  another cute hair gift out
"LoQ Hair" Bonomo - Mojo Gift


Better picture of the boots from SMEXY



and theirs still more! 

Soo  go  enjoy some great  music and people  
grab some  gifts.

BigBig   thank you  to all the designers and Club for the gifts!!


Paris Metro


Paris Metro will be holding  a Art Gallery Opening today at 1:00 PM SLT.
In honor of the Artists  there will be two gifts, the gowns below placed out  by the building.
There will be music and dancing, and the wonderful art of  visual artists :
 Vasiliki Kappa & Kayly Iali
Should be a wonderful  event.

Paris Metro May 2012 art gift2

Paris Metro Couture: Artist Series~Kayly Lali Gown (C/M)

Paris Metro May 2012 art gift

Paris METRO Couture: Artist Series Vasiliki Kappa  Outfit (C/M)


Delusions. MADesigns Hair,


Drafted hunt May2012 1

What I'm wearing...

 Tattoo:  .:: Delusions ::. Military Pistol Whipped Rankings  ( Drafted  # 17)

Girl Outfit:  ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. Drafted!Hunt gift  ( Drafted # 36)

Guy  Outfit:   ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. Drafted!Hunt gift camo pant  ( Drafted # 36)

Pose: [ILAYA]   Pose set of 4   for Drafted! Hunt ( Drafted #25)

Not part of the hunt but  might want to know
Guys Hair  .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ ARMY CROP  ( black)

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 40
Hunt Object: A grenade
Hunt Theme: A little bit of everything – poses, clothes, accessories. The theme is military and designers can interpret it however they wish.
Start: Garman
Web Site: draftedhunt.blogspot.ca
Contact Person: Suriko Leimes, Freakysab Fairey


Drafted Hunt,

Comrade in Arms!

Drafted hunt May2012 5

This  gift .. dress and hat. pasties, comes with  3 different  types of this dress. 

What I'm wearing

Outfit:  [*RD*]*Tanked Dress-Army *  ( Drafted #13 RoTtEn DeFiAnCe)

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 40
Hunt Object: A grenade
Hunt Theme: A little bit of everything – poses, clothes, accessories. The theme is military and designers can interpret it however they wish.
Start: Garman
Web Site: draftedhunt.blogspot.ca
Contact Person: Suriko Leimes, Freakysab Fairey


Drafted Hunt,

Time for a little R and R!

Drafted hunt May2012 4

After a  long  day in the motor pool,  every one needs a lil R and R right?
 and why not do that in a Sassy  outfit!.

What I"m wearing:

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Military dress - Drafted! Hunt Gift ( Drafted #34)
Hat: :::LP::: L'Homme Revolte' Hat (Camo/Green) V1 ( Drafted #20 )

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 40
Hunt Object: A grenade
Hunt Theme: A little bit of everything – poses, clothes, accessories. The theme is military and designers can interpret it however they wish.
Start: Garman
Web Site: draftedhunt.blogspot.ca
Contact Person: Suriko Leimes, Freakysab Fairey


Drafted Hunt,

Commander Salute

Drafted hunt May2012 2

What I'm wearing

 Hat :   FZaPP  Hat -US-Desert by FZaPP ( Drafted # 30 )
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Drafted!:::*LightSkin ( Drafted #8)
Pose: [ILAYA]   Pose set of 4   for Drafted! Hunt ( Drafted #25)

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 40
Hunt Object: A grenade
Hunt Theme: A little bit of everything – poses, clothes, accessories. The theme is military and designers can interpret it however they wish.
Start: Garman
Web Site: draftedhunt.blogspot.ca
Contact Person: Suriko Leimes, Freakysab Fairey



You been Drafted! for the Drafted Hunt

Drafted hunt May2012

Great  hunt I did this morning, The items cost 5l's each,  your looking for a grenade.
  I have a few  outfits I made up out of the gifts I liked.

Information for the hunt is listed below.

What I'm wearing
Outfit:  [ SAKIDE ] Army Girl Outfit complete outfit  Mesh corset ( Drafted #5)
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Drafted!:::*LightSkin ( Drafted #8)
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] BLACK CAMO Nails  Come in  10, 20, 30 size) ( drafted # 6)
Helmet: *Anymore_Helmet_edition Drafted Hunt! ( Drafted # 31)
Mouthy: *** Just You Jewels *** Necklace Army for mouth ( Drafted #9 )
Pose: [ILAYA]   Pose set of 4   for Drafted! Hunt ( Drafted #25)

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 40
Hunt Object: A grenade
Hunt Theme: A little bit of everything – poses, clothes, accessories. The theme is military and designers can interpret it however they wish.
Start: Garman
Web Site: draftedhunt.blogspot.ca
Contact Person: Suriko Leimes, Freakysab Fairey



Golden Child... by Wee-Ah for CCH

(WA) Golden Child Tot set 40 CCH

CCH,  This hunt has some very nice items in it,  if you haven't had a chance
to do it yet, you should   take a blog walk over to their site and check into it.
You will be looking for a  neon green star.

I found a few items I really liked,  This adorable set from Wee-Ah by Rhia, Palmeraie 
was just one of those items you had to  show off. 

The set comes complete,  dress for tots, shoes, the  jewelry,  even a set for " mom"
Its a lovely little shop with  some great  dresses and other items  for  children av's. 

(WA) Golden Child for tots outfit
(WA) Golden Child Set (Cliche)

Cleaving Cliches Hunt

Hunt Dates:  May 15 – June 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 47
Hunt Object: Green star (L$1 hunt)
Hunt Theme: All kinds of cliche’s

Start: Envision
Web Site: wix.com/tashporthos/coverthunts
Contact Person:  Tash Porthos



At World's End there is a Garden...

Worlds End Priscilla blanc GG

World's End  Designer has placed out this marvelous gift for Group members.
Always beautiful work,... makes you feel soft and feminine.

[elikatira] VIPs got a treat  from  group,  This lovely new hair style  called Never.
A complete fat pack Mesh hair, delightful side drawn ponytail with loose falling wisps.
Elikatira has  3 new  styles out also in the  store  you might  want to go check out.  

World's End Garden :::WEG::: Priscilla blanc (GG)
Group  secondlife:///app/group/1e828e26-b622-c6f2-757d-0dfd372c1b5b/about

Hair: [elikatira] [e] Never - Brown 11
Group ( fee  250l's )  secondlife:///app/group/6f8f8b56-279d-7a65-a2bc-75008b05584a/about

Skin:  :F: Laika II . Bronze
 Mesh feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Nails:  Formanails - Form long - Design LOOP RED



Censored 3000 member Group gift

.::CENSORED::.3000 members gift

WOW .. Congratulations 

Censored  group has reached 3k members and I'm sure will keep growing
For  this members  can  drop by and pick up this pretty  top! 

Group:  ( free to join) secondlife:///app/group/ef897731-95f6-1944-a13f-f171de1436ab/about
LM:  Censored

Also this gift behind the desk for members  too!

.::CENSORED::.Set I love Mom



Flowa Powa! and cuppy cakes!


Some bright and cheery  group gifts, hunt gifts  and just plain ol' fun  lol
While  I was out looking around this morning I seen this  outfit over at 
:: alterego :: flowa powa - their gift  for the PPH
Complete outfit with top,gloves, backpack,skirt, stockings, and shoes.

The skin from Hush.. [Hush] Marin - Rainbow (May Group Gift fee ) I wore the coco (db)
which I really like the texture of the skin and glow and with the  playful makeup added just 
that  needed touch.

Well I just finished the CWH2  Hunt so when I seen the colors it clicked right off!
Tameless hair has this fun colorful hair offering in the hunt and with its color change menu  fit perfect.
The menu lets you change the hair tint  hairpin, and the  streaks.

Juxtapose - CWH2 GIft  is the  cute cuppy cake poses. there are 3 in the gift.
Which I just loved, very cute! 

The hair on the second" me"  is group gift from Yassine Hair, buzzed  hair tattoo, 
with a pink and blue  ponytail, and again  fit this outfit.

I added a  Para  Designs  tattoo from the old voodoo doll hunt, but I'm sure  there are  new gifts out 
so go  check them out  to see the new stuff. Great tats!!


Belleza Skin,

Lily playing in the sun

Belleza_Lilly PairsMetro MD gift

To launch the new release of  Lily members got a taste with this skin gift.
Belleza group members were gifted with a new skin a few days ago. There is a fee
to join the group but  its worth  the gifts  you get and then some. : )

-Belleza- Lily V2 Medium Group Gift
Group  secondlife:///app/group/dbfaea2b-d5ea-05ad-fb24-5de78aa830d1/about  250L fee  

Belleza_Lilly PairsMetro MD gift2

Skin:  Belleza Lily V2 Medium Group gift 
Hair:  Truth Hair New Kirby Browns Mesh Hair 
Outfit: Paris Metro Mothers day gift beaded bikini,  Mesh glasses, tattoo
Earrings in top picture Chop Zuey Gift - Mothers Day Mother's Song BlkSp Earrings 

group fee to join  secondlife:///app/group/4d9c522d-5aa8-7561-b54f-3d8f988d118d/about



Into the Night....


As the moon crept over the  hills, casting their silvery beams  among us, she emerged from the 
bed chamber.. lingering down  the hallway  of the  house... the hour had grown near. 
The thirst  she felt  every night was to strong to stop the never ending  need forcing  her  to slip out  into the night.....

What shes wearing..

Hair; !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Mandy - All Colors Pack from Designers Circle
Skin: :F: Nathalie . Bronze  Mothers Day special sale full pack for 99l's
Outfit: PietraR OutFit Goth one of many group gifts from Girls of the Hunt  free to join
Boots: "Promo" JetCity Thigh High Strappy Boots  Vamp in Black Market place   free for limited time


Depraved Nation,

She's Dangerous


Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Dangerous Leather Outfit from  Depraved nation - High Voltage hunt #02
          ( comes with  leggings, garters, legging cuffs, 2 belts w/wo skirt,  bodysuit on all layers)
Necklace1: Finesmith  Apala Necklace from  The Runway Perfect hunt  Love it!
Necklace2:  [ Glow ] studio  Tusk Necklace (gold) 1L
Earrings:  FZapp  Astral  by Fernamdinha Zapedzki  sub gift
Nails Formanails Stilletto  Design s16 PIA  lucky board win
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Wastelands/103/142/75

Depraved Nation High Voltage Hunt
Hunt Date: from 1 to 31 May
Any Other Info:http://depravednation.com/
Type of Hunt: grid wide hunt
SLurl to starting location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Depraved%20Nation/139/151/70


Baby Pie,

A Family Affair...


It was Sunday afternoon and with a knock on the door...  our house changed in a instant, 
 when we heard  the door open and  in came "Nanna" and "PalPal".
They had came over to see us as a surprise. 
Wow was mom-ma  surprised, laughter, hugs and kisses passed
 around, we  jumped about asking what they brought us. 
Nanna had  baked cookies, just the kind we liked and  said  if we were
good for her and took a pretty picture we could eat them all after dinner.

Welll we  raced up stairs to put on something nice and came running back down. 
We had to wear  red and white to match mom-ma.. 

Hamming it up for the camera, I stood there waving  at Nanna, PalPal  teased sissy.. 
saying he was going to eat all the cookies up before we got done.
Seeee  how shes watching him in the picture! 

Mom-ma looked so pretty in her white dress and pretty red  beads. 
When I grow up I want some beads just like hers!

: smiles:   One of the great things about SL.. is we get to  play 'dress-up, and be  
anything we  like  on any given day. 
Have you ever  made a  child av? There are soo many  gifts, low price deals and free items on market 
place,.. it's very  easy  to  get  started.

For a little bit of fun  and silliness  that's what my friend and I did last night.

We pulled out our little tot av's and had  loads of fun.

I would like to thank you Onyx for ' playing'  along with my  silly mood. lol

 You so should of seen her get this  long  jump off  the ramp  in  our barbie car. 
covers  her mouth  .. shhhhhh don't tell mom-ma


 My Sissy on the Left 
*Baby Pie* LoveyPie Girl's / children's complete dress outfit  Marketplace cost 1L
This comes complete with  hair ribbon, dress, top, panties  and shoes fits tots and kids.

Little Callie on the Right

Hair:  Lo*momo  Group Gift ( April 2012) brown with color changeable bow
Outfit: for Tot's   :..FourSquare:..: Tilly   #02 in the LB hunt
looking for a small flower
This complete outfit comes with  top, skirt, 
ruffled diaper cover panties( Mesh ),  and socks. Alpha layer for body and feet.
Lashes: Hush Lashes- Doll April  group gift


Onyx is wearing...

! Dashwood group gift  lovely  white satin dress  accented with  tiny lace flowers
on the skirts edging, and  a larger  rose  on the  wrapped  top  of the bodice.

Free to Join Group :   secondlife:///app/group/516f23a9-7917-8519-7055-e76ef5cf7b66/about


group gifts,

Simply Beautiful


  Inaya has placed out  this beautiful skin  Soha.  .. This gift comes in  3 tones Teinte SantaFe, Teinte Cadiz, and Teinte Siberia w/wo hairbase ( lighter tone has both in there but  are both with out base, showed with purchased hair base added)

Just a lovely skin and one  you  should add to your collection.  They have many new skins  out also, check out the shop while you're there  mesh shoes, hair, skins for  men and women. Happy Shopping

[inaya] group ( free to join)


The White Armory

Blood Red Rubies for Her

TWAGift Apr 29th

The White Armory has placed out this stunning new group gift for members.
Every Sunday a new gown  is given to those  in the group, and they are just amazing each time.

Lovely textures,  and details that draw your  eye to the  lady  wearing them.
The gowns aren't  just for role-play. They have a great mix of clothing for men and women.
BOGO Sales are offered all the time, and  100l sales .. its  well  worth 
the  group slot. 

If you  would like to join the group... you  would need to send a notecard  to  the  
owners to have a invite sent to you.

If you're a member already .. NEW  Gift! : )
**TWA**Blood Ruby Gown Group GiftSet-Boxed



House of Beningborough Group gifts



House of Beningborough has two lovely dress offered to  members right now.
 A lovely Brown lacy dress with a low  sexy cut to the back showing just a tease of skin, 
and this marvelous Black and Red mermaid tail gown, the bodice dotted with roses, long 
button down gloves  to add that special touch, accented with a red ribbon bow at the waist.

Hair in picture #2 Clawtooth: Mystery Redux - Dreamy Red
Skin: Swallow's  Skin Anne Gift


A and A Hair,

Faded memories of how She Danced


Skin:  :F: Laika II . Bronze comes with shape included special sale 99l's for fat pack 
 :jazzitude: Group Members Gift:   :jazzitude: Makiira: Pink complete outfit top, armbands, earrings, belly ring, skirt, shoes (flats)
Hair:   A&A April Hair Moonlight,  free on marketplace 
Free Gift from Virtual Impressions:    Bead Shower Necklace in Blue ( box by the stairs)
Eye Shadow:  [mock]HalfBaked Darkhorse eShadow Pop [eye only]


Alice Project,


EnviousSpringin groupgiftapr2012

Filthy has a amazing deal going for a short time( runs till Sunday April 29th)  you can get  the Laika II skin packs for just 99L's! I love the  detail and tone on the skin. and what better way to show off some " new " skin  then  this gift from Envious? Complete gift set for members. Get decked out from head to  toe... Jacket, top, jeans, shoes, along with  some headphones  which I attached to my hip  to show off. 
The  beautiful mesh hair from Alice Project  on sale for a short time also 50l's for single color packs.
Blue and white ring I have on is from FINESMITHS a gift  in celebration  for Israel's Independence day.
Its just stunning!

:.Envious.: Springin group gift complete outfit jeans, top, jacket, shoes, headphones 
Skin:  :F: Laika II . Bronze comes with shape included special sale 99l's for fat pack
Hair:  Alice Project - Kristina - Brown sale 50l's single color packs
Ring: FINESMITH- Here comes the sun - white& blue in celebration for Israel Independence day gift 



The Retreat is now OPEN!

The Retreat (Shop Sign)

The Retreat has OPENED

Set in a  beautiful Japanese setting, this wonderful new discount shop offering  items from 
 Designers such as Sassy, Bent!,  WOW,  Zypher and so so many more for  50ls  or less.
Skins, Shoes, Hair, Dresses, Poses,  Men Items too!!

Its simply Wonderful and a shop you need to add to  any of your  shopping lists!!

Ohhhh but It gets better! .. Now  I hear you say...  how could  it be any better then that?

Wellll.. They also have some awesome group members
gifts waiting to be  clicked at  the new group lounge  also!
They are a wonderful group  to join,  not just a name on your
list but they care about their members,  chat  and  enjoy  helping one another.

Go for a visit and show  some love, and pick up some gifts and find  great deals.

Freebie Fashionista group:     secondlife:///app/group/5040c7b4-81af-5682-f814-365e99a955f5/about



Sher's Cottage Gift to her costumers

Sher's Cottage Gardens  has become one of my favorite shops for  trees and plants..
I  enjoy the whimsical  down home relaxed feeling I get just going to her shop.
Today to show her costumers  some love .. shes placed out two gifts
pictured below.. a cute  country kitchen set.. and a soft  cream and rose  living room set.
I sat them up  in  a small beach house I have and they  go perfect.
Only  30 prims for  each set.. if your looking for some spring  time flare for your home.
Take a trip over.


from her NC

"Pssstttt... C'mere...Closer....(whispering this message)
I have 2 big gifts for you tonight in the green cottage!
There are 2 boxes FULL of furniture that will completely decorate 2 rooms... and I have set them for $0L  tonight as a THANK YOU to my customers!!

All of the boxes are spinning and TWO of them are FREEEEEEEEE!!!
Find the 2 that belong to you!
Hint:  one of them has a complete breakfast set...

his will land you on the path to the little green cottage... just take a turn towards the ocean side and the boxes are inside the house!

Have fun!  And take the time to stroll through the gardens and find other goodies!!!
Love, Sher


Alice Project,

Alice Project Mesh Hair Sale

AliceProject meshhairsale
Have you wanted to try Mesh hair yet and still are holding back? 
Maybe you just simply love Mesh hair? 
Well Alice Project is having a sale right now. 
 ALL single color packs are set at 50L's .. Small packs are  125L.'s
and Fat packs are 250L's 

 yess you read that right!! 

So if you love mesh hair or just want a great deal rush over there 
and give them a look. 
 While you are there click the MM board or Have a try at the Lucky boards and Chair.
 If you don't have the lindens and are new to SL this is a Great way to get some VERY nice Hair.
I dont know how long this is going to last so  GOO!! 
: )

Pictured  here are just a few of her newest styles.   


hunt gifts,

LoveCats gift. FFF Hunt

FFF HUNT OBJECT STORE #18   LoveCats gift

A lone kitten sitting in a tree looking down at the big world below, slowly she  climbed down  and jumped to a lower branch sitting and  cleaning her " paw"  enjoying the sea air and the cool breeze of the summer day.
After a  time she  curled up and  took a nap and had happy  lazy day dreams filled of tuna and milk.

chuckles  .. so yeah ok .. this hunt gift is  really  sweat  and cute ..LoveCats gift .. both  guys and gals  in the item.  Complete  outfit   ears, tail, pants, top, shoes. enjoy.

LoveCats FFF hunt outfit "Wish you were here"

Starting point FFF Hunt ( there is a notecard you get form the sign at the frist shop  to follow the links)


Bens Beauty,

.::WTGH #12 CandyMetal:::. Lingerie Gift

WTGH #12 CandyMetal

Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) not free 
..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail  2 sets  group gifts
~CandyMetal~ Pat Lingerie Set (Sky & Lavender) for WTGH #12
you're looking for a set of red letters WTG linked together for the hunt item

WTGH #12 CandyMetal2



Pirate Arts Rock-a-billy Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt


Complete outfit includes.. shoes, MESH pants, top and a fat pack (  diff. lip sticks with/without hairbase ) of  rock-a-billy vintage skins complete with  a small beauty mark  just under the  left eye which I happened to love.

I added the unisex gift form WTG outstanding set for both guys and gals.
+:+WTG+:+ **e-Cross** April group gift 2012(unisex)
 There is a fee to join the group but just one of  these wonderful gifts recovers that.


Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt

Hunt Dates: April 1 – April 30
Type: Grid Wide

Rating: PG/Mature/Adult

Stops: Lots
Hunt Object: Orange sign with white hand
Hunt Gifts: All kinds of things


Contact Person: Galea Steinbeck (Galea Yates)