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I just wanted to take a moment to tell you or  I should say ask that you don't give up on me yet on this blog. We have had some really harsh  weather  here .. Tornado's  hit our area a  few weeks ago .. and my  graceful self has also  tore a ligament in my  shoulder... making typing  hard with just one hand, doing pics and clicking .. etc etc  well you get the  picture. So  if you all will bear with me for a  while I'll get things back up to speed soon as I can. Thanks and Happy Sl to you all!
free mini av

Minikin Free Mesh Avatars by Caverna Obscura!!

I got a notice about a tiny mesh avatar that you mini-avatar lovers my well love!  Caverna Obscura has made and released to us a free Mini Aatar. This gift  comes  in  2 sizes ~SIZE 0.3  and SIZE 0.4~ They are close to the size of  the Petite brand out but the Size 0.3  is smaller and Caverna  states that  petite clothing will NOT fit these  minikin's shes made. Prim clothing if mod  would fit.. I took a  gown  and some hair for my reg av and re-sized it down to test  this out.. and it worked!

From her Notecard:

"Now you can get a petite sized mesh avatar FOR FREE! ^^ At Caverna Obscura of course! :P

Minikin Free Mesh Avatar2

Important thing should be mentioned: Minikin avatars are NOT compatible with clothing made for Petites!!! So please, don’t buy Petite clothes for Minikins! Animations made for Petites, furniture and other non-wearable things might be well suitable for Minikins, although i haven’t tested any.

Please read the notecard with INSTRUCTIONS included with the set. Or visit this link for more info, instructions, tips and tricks. "

So all that means to us.. we get a lovely free avatar that is  size .3 and.4 that comes with  the body scripted and non scripted .. a  skin tinting hud and  mesh eyes  along with a mod set.  You can change the skins  or eyes with your own textures if your talented enough.  I love these small av's. I went and got both sizes  and dressed   her up in just some  things I had on hand, because well I was excited to check her out. So go and get yours!  Join,  Shop and enjoy  your new found  mini!


The shop 



Goddess Isis and God Ra


I knew when I  found this gift  that I had to do a special picture for them.
The outfits Isis and Ra are from "Shade" and  " Drakke".
Gifts from the Supernatural hunt.

With the help of  " Ra" thank you btw for helping  take the pics with me, I sat us out on the Nile
for a relaxing afternoon of wine  while he  watched  the dancing girls, I  etched us out in .. er .. well you  know. lol .. The details are below and I hope you  take the time to grab some of these  great hunt gifts.



Goddess Isis
Skin:  LAQ ~ Elena - 01 [Cocoa] Glow skin
Hair:  ::::Fab-U-Lous::::Amel (Black )
Eyes:   !Fashism Eyes group gift " Sunrise" eyes Deep Bronze  ( no longer offered)
Outfit:  !SHADE! "Isis" For Women  SNH gift 
Shoes:  !Drakke! "Isis" Knee Boots(Gold) Strapped SNH gift

God Ra
Skin:  complete av off Marketplace no longer available
Hair:  A&A Brody Hair Darkbrown (long curly men's hairstyle!)
Outfit:  !SHADE! "Ra" For Men SNH gift
Shoes:  !Drakke! "Ra" Heavy Plate Boots(Gold)  SNH gift



Pretty in purple


Need a gown? You can have this one as a gift  from Amour Fashions.



Out of a PaperBag

The new skin gift from ::MAR:: called  Sonya  with  it's deep  smoldering eye make up and  lush  red lips  parted slightly for that  sexy poutie look gives us the  perfect start for this post.

 I have to say  this shop PaperBag is soon becoming one of my favs!  The shop  is in  a few hunts and she has a gift in  the sub for you. This dress was from the  TFUH hunt gift  number 20. I   L O V E    it.  The curly  soft sway of the  hair from Ali & Ali in this shade of  blackberry... reminds me of  the old movie " A Star is born"  yeah I  wanted  my hair just like that when  I was a child.  " laughs " There is also a rust brownish red shade offered as a gift right now.

 With some glamours accessory's from FZaPP, Sunglasses from :: PM::, mesh bag from((C*M)) and some absolutely  Smexy  heels  from Chandelle with the touch of  pearls and bows  just set  them off. Oh and check out the Cigarette in the long brown  filter from O.c original cigarette set.

Skin: ::MAR:: Skin Sonya
Ear rings: FZaPP Earrings Astral
Necklace and Ring:  FZaPP group gift  Necklace and ring in black and beige ROMA
Dress:   PaperBag Tied & Dyed # 20 in the TFUH  hunt
Satchel Bag:   ((C*M)) Satchel Bag -GG Limited (anim and not anim) group gift
Shoes: CHANDELLE Gift  International Women's Day Diva Yellow
SunGlasses:  :: PM :: Vain in Copper
Hair: Ali & Ali Kelis Hair Blackberry (Groupie present f ( 2nd March 2012)
Cigarette w/holder: O.c Cigarette set- original long brown filter

The Fresh Unknown Hunt info links
Blog and hints :  TFUH
This hunt runs from Mar. 1st to  the 31st. So you still have time to  find those gifts.


group gifts,

Every woman is a Goddess

With all the bad weather we've had here.. I feel like bumming around and relaxing  in some comfy  clothes these days. Soo.. I think I found the  perfect  look just for that.

  A rarity for me,  This post is of all Mesh items, you will need a viewer  that can deal with mesh  to wear any of these.


Closeup of the  skin from Jesylilo's. Really cute and fresh skin.

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* Group gift skin * Spring

Top:  coldLogic top - (M)  TFUH hunt gift
Pants: L'Exceptions- Sweats ( Goddess) Mesh    Sub gift # 3 history
Hair:  ::Exile:: Bring it On! Frosted  group gift in sub.

The Fresh Unknown Hunt info links
Blog and hints :  TFUH
This hunt runs from Mar. 1st to  the 31st. So you still have time to  find those gifts.


group gifts,

Shey group gift Mesh


As I mentioned in the post before Shey  has sat out for members these delicious mesh boots.
There are other gifts for guys and gals,  and a mesh pair of jeans.
There are I think about 5 hunt gifts dotted around the shop also, so if you have some time 
and love the boots take a trip over and check  the shop out. 





Women's Stuff lounge is open again with a new selection of gifts for
 members along with the men's boards too! A lot of gifts from some great
designers are being offered so  take a trip over and check them out!

This is a outfit offered by Tres Beau called " Leo" at WSL
She also has another one offered there for fan's of her work 
called Charlie. Beautiful blue sweater/ leggings set.

The absolutely stunning skin is Filthy's March gift to members.
 She has  2 new skins out, giving members a chance  to buy at half price for a limited time

The boots are a gift for member's of Shey,  these come in 
beige and black,  Mesh for those of you that love mesh.

The gorgeous jewelry is with out a doubt  Finesmith,
a gift this month in the subscriber.

[mock]  Razzle Orangeberry {eyeshadow only}
 Filthy : March. - Filthy group gift - F (c) March GG Tan
Shey Mesh Overknee Boots ( MESH) 2 pair black and beige
**F I N E S M I T H - March subscriber Gift
Nail  Nails  Formanails Form  Long - Design AFRO
Foam! Lionness ( old gift no longer avaible)



Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt 2012

Hello! .. I've been out doing some hunts for you and  looking at new  gifts out and  with out alot of  chatting I'll let the pics show off some of the  gifts from the Hollywood  Walk of Fame hunt 2012.  Some really  nice items in this hunt.

This is a fast  easy hunt I thought, only  32 listed  stops but I think 4 dropped out, I could not find one shops gift.. and these are not all of the items pictured  just most. The blog for the hunt has hints and links to the shops for  you . 

Gestures, Jewelry, skins, shapes, clothes, shoes. etc  they had a nice  collection for you to enjoy!
Thank you  all on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame hunt for the gifts. 



The first dress / coat on this pic is Mesh so you will need a Mesh viewer to wear.





Starting point: Number 1
The Hunt item is  a Yellow  5 pt Star