Pirate Arts Rock-a-billy Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt

Thursday, April 19, 2012 Callie Tendandes 0 Comments


Complete outfit includes.. shoes, MESH pants, top and a fat pack (  diff. lip sticks with/without hairbase ) of  rock-a-billy vintage skins complete with  a small beauty mark  just under the  left eye which I happened to love.

I added the unisex gift form WTG outstanding set for both guys and gals.
+:+WTG+:+ **e-Cross** April group gift 2012(unisex)
 There is a fee to join the group but just one of  these wonderful gifts recovers that.


Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt

Hunt Dates: April 1 – April 30
Type: Grid Wide

Rating: PG/Mature/Adult

Stops: Lots
Hunt Object: Orange sign with white hand
Hunt Gifts: All kinds of things


Contact Person: Galea Steinbeck (Galea Yates)