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I swear I was just laying on the beach when .....

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Callie Tendandes 0 Comments

My eyes flickered open and my body felt like lead, my  arms couldn't move nor my legs. Blinking a few times, I felt something trickling down over my face .. sand? UGHHH!  I can't move, I tried to set up and knew the battle was lost when I heard off in the distance of the house someone laughing...

Ok!  you got me back for the beach ball !  Come help me out of this... I have to hmm well err go to the lil  girls room PLEASE... ( yeah yeah I tried that weak girly ploy)  Guess that will teach me to fall asleep on the beach again .

This great  joke animation is being offered at SBF for a limited time will be priced for just 75L's. I think its worth it. It's made of mesh pulling in at 8 prim's total  from Boom Boom Punky! Curious Mesh Creations. They also have some mesh plants for your home there as a dolliable.

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Pose: Boom Boom Punky! Curious Mesh Creations- Buried in the sand@Summer Break Festival