Rock Out!

  • Saturday, February 18, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes


Ok so I'm not  a " Rocker" but  hey this is SL after all isn't it? Envious has this complete outfit as a group gift along  with a few others  at their  store right now waiting for  members or soon to be members.
Fur collar, shoulder pads add on  jacket, dress boots and stockings along with finger tape and bracelets all wrapped up  with a bow  for  you waiting . Its a massive  shop so look around  you're bound to find something there   to  fill your inventory.


Along with the gift  there are a few others there ..MM board,  3 lucky boards for members only along with  4 chairs  for anyone  ( I believe) .. and if you are new to sl under  30 days old .. they have a complete av set for you to  grab. so  have fun!


And Check out these  incredible nails!! .. from WTG  latest  group gift there is a 
100l fee to join but so worth it if you like nails and jewelry.
There is also a necklace  out to match this set not shown in these pictures but Its unisex  and just as well made as  the nails. So if your looking for a gift  or want to gift your self  go check out  the shop. 


Nails:   +:+WTG+:+ **Cupid** 2012 St. Valentine's Day gift (Female)
Outfit complete:   :.Envious.: No Offence X2     dress,boots, bracelets ( group gift)

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