Minikin Free Mesh Avatars by Caverna Obscura!!

  • Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes

I got a notice about a tiny mesh avatar that you mini-avatar lovers my well love!  Caverna Obscura has made and released to us a free Mini Aatar. This gift  comes  in  2 sizes ~SIZE 0.3  and SIZE 0.4~ They are close to the size of  the Petite brand out but the Size 0.3  is smaller and Caverna  states that  petite clothing will NOT fit these  minikin's shes made. Prim clothing if mod  would fit.. I took a  gown  and some hair for my reg av and re-sized it down to test  this out.. and it worked!

From her Notecard:

"Now you can get a petite sized mesh avatar FOR FREE! ^^ At Caverna Obscura of course! :P

Minikin Free Mesh Avatar2

Important thing should be mentioned: Minikin avatars are NOT compatible with clothing made for Petites!!! So please, don’t buy Petite clothes for Minikins! Animations made for Petites, furniture and other non-wearable things might be well suitable for Minikins, although i haven’t tested any.

Please read the notecard with INSTRUCTIONS included with the set. Or visit this link for more info, instructions, tips and tricks. "

So all that means to us.. we get a lovely free avatar that is  size .3 and.4 that comes with  the body scripted and non scripted .. a  skin tinting hud and  mesh eyes  along with a mod set.  You can change the skins  or eyes with your own textures if your talented enough.  I love these small av's. I went and got both sizes  and dressed   her up in just some  things I had on hand, because well I was excited to check her out. So go and get yours!  Join,  Shop and enjoy  your new found  mini!


The shop 

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