LoveCats gift. FFF Hunt

  • Thursday, April 19, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes

FFF HUNT OBJECT STORE #18   LoveCats gift

A lone kitten sitting in a tree looking down at the big world below, slowly she  climbed down  and jumped to a lower branch sitting and  cleaning her " paw"  enjoying the sea air and the cool breeze of the summer day.
After a  time she  curled up and  took a nap and had happy  lazy day dreams filled of tuna and milk.

chuckles  .. so yeah ok .. this hunt gift is  really  sweat  and cute ..LoveCats gift .. both  guys and gals  in the item.  Complete  outfit   ears, tail, pants, top, shoes. enjoy.

LoveCats FFF hunt outfit "Wish you were here"

Starting point FFF Hunt ( there is a notecard you get form the sign at the frist shop  to follow the links)

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