The Retreat is now OPEN!

  • Saturday, April 28, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes

The Retreat (Shop Sign)

The Retreat has OPENED

Set in a  beautiful Japanese setting, this wonderful new discount shop offering  items from 
 Designers such as Sassy, Bent!,  WOW,  Zypher and so so many more for  50ls  or less.
Skins, Shoes, Hair, Dresses, Poses,  Men Items too!!

Its simply Wonderful and a shop you need to add to  any of your  shopping lists!!

Ohhhh but It gets better! .. Now  I hear you say...  how could  it be any better then that?

Wellll.. They also have some awesome group members
gifts waiting to be  clicked at  the new group lounge  also!
They are a wonderful group  to join,  not just a name on your
list but they care about their members,  chat  and  enjoy  helping one another.

Go for a visit and show  some love, and pick up some gifts and find  great deals.

Freebie Fashionista group:     secondlife:///app/group/5040c7b4-81af-5682-f814-365e99a955f5/about

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