A Family Affair...

  • Tuesday, May 01, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes


It was Sunday afternoon and with a knock on the door...  our house changed in a instant, 
 when we heard  the door open and  in came "Nanna" and "PalPal".
They had came over to see us as a surprise. 
Wow was mom-ma  surprised, laughter, hugs and kisses passed
 around, we  jumped about asking what they brought us. 
Nanna had  baked cookies, just the kind we liked and  said  if we were
good for her and took a pretty picture we could eat them all after dinner.

Welll we  raced up stairs to put on something nice and came running back down. 
We had to wear  red and white to match mom-ma.. 

Hamming it up for the camera, I stood there waving  at Nanna, PalPal  teased sissy.. 
saying he was going to eat all the cookies up before we got done.
Seeee  how shes watching him in the picture! 

Mom-ma looked so pretty in her white dress and pretty red  beads. 
When I grow up I want some beads just like hers!

: smiles:   One of the great things about SL.. is we get to  play 'dress-up, and be  
anything we  like  on any given day. 
Have you ever  made a  child av? There are soo many  gifts, low price deals and free items on market 
place,.. it's very  easy  to  get  started.

For a little bit of fun  and silliness  that's what my friend and I did last night.

We pulled out our little tot av's and had  loads of fun.

I would like to thank you Onyx for ' playing'  along with my  silly mood. lol

 You so should of seen her get this  long  jump off  the ramp  in  our barbie car. 
covers  her mouth  .. shhhhhh don't tell mom-ma


 My Sissy on the Left 
*Baby Pie* LoveyPie Girl's / children's complete dress outfit  Marketplace cost 1L
This comes complete with  hair ribbon, dress, top, panties  and shoes fits tots and kids.

Little Callie on the Right

Hair:  Lo*momo  Group Gift ( April 2012) brown with color changeable bow
Outfit: for Tot's   :..FourSquare:..: Tilly   #02 in the LB hunt
looking for a small flower
This complete outfit comes with  top, skirt, 
ruffled diaper cover panties( Mesh ),  and socks. Alpha layer for body and feet.
Lashes: Hush Lashes- Doll April  group gift


Onyx is wearing...

! Dashwood group gift  lovely  white satin dress  accented with  tiny lace flowers
on the skirts edging, and  a larger  rose  on the  wrapped  top  of the bodice.

Free to Join Group :   secondlife:///app/group/516f23a9-7917-8519-7055-e76ef5cf7b66/about

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