Golden Child... by Wee-Ah for CCH

  • Friday, May 18, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes

(WA) Golden Child Tot set 40 CCH

CCH,  This hunt has some very nice items in it,  if you haven't had a chance
to do it yet, you should   take a blog walk over to their site and check into it.
You will be looking for a  neon green star.

I found a few items I really liked,  This adorable set from Wee-Ah by Rhia, Palmeraie 
was just one of those items you had to  show off. 

The set comes complete,  dress for tots, shoes, the  jewelry,  even a set for " mom"
Its a lovely little shop with  some great  dresses and other items  for  children av's. 

(WA) Golden Child for tots outfit
(WA) Golden Child Set (Cliche)

Cleaving Cliches Hunt

Hunt Dates:  May 15 – June 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: PG/Mature/Adult
Stops: 47
Hunt Object: Green star (L$1 hunt)
Hunt Theme: All kinds of cliche’s

Start: Envision
Web Site:
Contact Person:  Tash Porthos

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