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  • Monday, June 04, 2012
  • By Callie Tendandes

In my travels   the other day I  ran into  this  outgoing, bubbly 
 wonderful person named Kyra Ishtair -Juneberry.
I was looking for a new home just bouncing around  the grid  checking out
new builds and the like. 
Well .. I have to say  if your  looking for  something special  in a house  
You  should  go over and check into her  builds. 
While  talking with her I found out she also does   morph photos in  SL, 
ranging from  Profile needs to  the more  sensual  smexy  kind of photos  
you might want to hang up in your private  rooms " winks" 

Below is a slideshow sample of her work.  
just click to view.
Really a  talented lady.

Digital Image Arts,  Profile, Morph and Sensual Morph Photographer.
a full service photography and graphic arts studio.

Kyra's studio is available for all photoshoots, private events, weddings, corporate headshots, grand openings and more.

Contact Kyra Ishtari  in world for prices 

Serendipity Designs

 Check out her  lastest  build  here on Market place

Log Cabins, Single Family homes and more.
Outstanding homes  for your family, or  single life.
Kyra Ishtari-Juneberry, Owner and Lead Designer of Serendipity Designs Group.

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  1. So very kind of you to say such wonderful things about me! Thank you so much, Callie! :)