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  • Sunday, September 01, 2013
  • By Callie Tendandes

The Kollective, I'll be showing you a few photos of items at this round based on the theme Home & Garden.  The items were inspired from bloggers ideas or likes given to the designers. I think its a fun idea to see what the two sides came up with. 

Your Taxi to The Kollective! 

Some photos of the items, first up is of course the vanity. Its the simple act we all do before bed or just getting up in the morning, check our face, brush our hair. I love this vanity with the old sewing machine base. The top can be wood or marble with and without a crocheted doily and the metal can be changed to 4 different tints to match just about any home. There is also a hud to control the color of the bottles. And if that wasn't enough, there are of course a lipstick apply and brush hair animation inside of the menu that gives the props to use.  Offered in dark and light wood base its an amazing job on the item.

Next sitting oh so quietly in the corner we have a chair by Piddler's Perch. This lovely chair comes with several color change textures for both  the throw and chair cushions. You can mix and match the coloring to your taste and home. There are 5 textures  for both with a access menu option. Not to mention  its filled with poses, 11 animated  and 10 static, male female and unisex. Its a great little chair.

“Vanity Antique Sewing Machine” by LDG, inspired by Katlene Niven
“Inshan Occassional Chair” by Piddler’s Perch, inspired by Hanstrid Inshan

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Aren't these the cutest dang cows you ever did see!  I don't  think  a country home or well heck any home is complete with out a friendly little cow around!.  " The Cow Couple " while made as a yard ornament ( I believe)  goes anywhere you want these two to say Hello! to you or your guests. I placed them  by my front door to meet and greet any welcome friends over, nested here against this table from StoraxTree.

“The Cow Couple” by Persnickity, inspired by Kai Diamond

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Out on the porch for our morning coffee, we can cuddle up with the one we love or sit alone and reflect on what to do for the day here on this sweet bench with its pennant flag accent over head.  If i counted right, this bench has about 16 animations total inside. 5 couple and 6 single animations for your enjoyment. The flag accent can be moved with the bench or used somewhere else, but I just loved how it looked. Soft muted shades of mauve and pink pillows, green and purple seat cushions embellished with butterflies matched by the worn white wash paint. It's just a great little look. Drapes, lamp, planters and watering can, not part of the event but  from StoraxTree.

Painting in the background which I need to make a better picture for is also another item to be found at the event from Helena Stringer from The Stringer Mausoleum. She will be offering 3 of her artworks at the event. Interesting fractal work, great work, bright colors and really brings a pop to any room.

Serenity Style’s Beverly Cute Bench, inspired by the blogger Yare Beverly
*TSM* Wall Art  - Mindflower by Helena Stringer, inspired by the blogger Braveheart
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Walking out barefoot into the grass, a rabbit rushed to hide by the tree stump ( from StoraxTree.). See him there just behind the bike. This garden ornament with its " Welcome to my garden " sign adds  the perfect touch to any yard. But wait.. Don't let looks deceive you! This sweet garden ornament as great as it is just sitting there has another purpose to it. Its a teleporter!  I know right who would of put the two together!  Well these ladies did, and the idea came out perfect. There is a animation when you sit on the bike of holding the bike up as if to ride it, as you sit then the teleport menu shows and off you go to  your hidden garden or whatever place you choose.  Includedin the package is a manual to set up your new teleporter.

“Garden Ketta Teleporter” by G.O.C, inspired by Rekka Whiteberry

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And there are more items waiting for you at The Kollective, Home and  Garden sale.  Enjoy! 
Your Taxi to The Kollective! 

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