I would like to introduce you to Lilly

  • Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • By Callie Tendandes

I would like to introduce you to Lilly in Caramel tone, New Release from *X*plosion! The skin has been released in 6 tones, Milk, Cream, Vanilla, Sun, Caramel, and Cappuccino. All as yummy as they sound. Each pack comes with eye-shadows, lashes, lip sticks and breast add-on layers. Along with this skin release an amazing amount of work has went into all *X*plosion personal  line of mesh add-on body parts. 

Mesh ears - CatsCradle, Flowers, Leaves, Punk, Simple, Starred, TunnelSmall and TunnelBig - all of these come with studs, piercings and earrings that can be added/removed via hud. 

Mesh hands in 3 groups Lefty, Righty and Relaxed, These hands come with a hud that allows the  wearer to change the " left " or " right" hands  to a different position such as point, peace sign, grip, writing, pinch, fist, spread, thumbs up etc, there are 12 poses for the larger packs of lefty and righty hands where the relaxed pack will have 3 poses for hands, all 3 come with nail coloring, short and longer nails or remove all together via hud.  

Mesh breasts - 3 different shapes - Bombs, Latte, Squishy - comes with a black or white top with matching panties to start with and the  template to create your own tops, along with 4 piercing sets add-ons, and hud for easy  skin matching and tint. 

Mesh feet in 4 different heights of flat, thong, pumps and heels. easily worn with the skin texture and tint hud available. Each of the mesh add- ons work with standard body sizing for a perfect seamless fit. If you purchase the Lilly skin the hud has the matching skin tones at a click, if you wear them with another skin, it's just as easy to match and tint to gain that perfect look also. 

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: [LeLutka]-CANTO hair/Naturals
Eyes: IKON  Spectral Eyes  @FaMshed
Skin:  *X*plosion Lilly Skin (Caramel)
Mesh Ears*X*plosion Ears (Simple)
Mesh Hands:  *X*plosion Hands (Lefty)
Mesh Feet: *X*plosion Feet (Heels)

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