StoraxTree Mesh Fi*Friday sampler and more

  • Friday, March 28, 2014
  • By Callie Tendandes

 I wanted to share a very small sample of what StoraxTree has out on the grid for your shopping pleasure. The eye to detail and great prices can't be beat. Not only can you find all of the creators great items at the shop but at many different discount events as well. 

Check out the main store for more information about sales, gifts, great deals and events!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Furniture ( from left to right)
StoraxTree Mesh Vintage Ceiling Light Eggplant for Simply The Best
StoraxTree Mesh Wrought Iron Plant Table w Palm b  Fi*Fridays Sale Room
StoraxTree Mesh Island Large Ottoman seats four C for PURE CONTAGION
StoraxTree Mesh Thatched Spring Planter C @ StoraxTree Main store
StoraxTree Mesh Vintage Plant Stand Palm Aj  Fi*Fridays Sale Room
StoraxTree Mesh Feline Treasures - Sleep - Black or White g  Fi*Fridays Sale Room

More info
****************    NEWS & SPECIALS & GROUP GIFT   ***********************
  Must join Homestuff group to obtain gift.

BARGAIN!!  10 Linden ! 
Thatched Spring Planter D
 only 10 Lindens !!

GROUP GIFT for March 
Thatched Spring Planter A

Open joining will be shut down during 2 weeks in April for spring gift bag.  Join before April 4th to have access to the spring gift when it is added in group notices.

New 50L sale will be announced soon for the 50L Barn Location.

*********************************** HUNTS **********************************
All are out and available now!

World Tour Grid Wide Hunt Feb 21-3/31

MegaStuff Hunt Mar 1-31 

WLL Hunt March 1-31 

Clueless Hunt March 1-31 

Sweet Dreams (AMOT) Hunt 

Jelly Bean Hunt 

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