Urban *X*plosion

  • Wednesday, May 07, 2014
  • By Callie Tendandes

*X*plosion has released a set of complete avatars recently. These looks come with every thing you need. Perfect for new players or anyone looking for a full put together AV. These looks range from urban to sweet girl next door with some adult versions offered.  

You will find in the package: Fatpack of hair 35 different hair colors possible, mesh ears with hud, mesh hands 12 poses with hud, mesh boobies(adult versions only), full outfit ( top - jeans -boots), skin, shape, eyes, lashes, jewelry, and MORE.  I added the complete list below from the NC in the package to let you see just what your getting in this package. Check them and other new releases out at the shop. 

( => click picture to enlarge !)

*X*plosion Complete Avatar Cute (AdultVersion)

!! This avatar have everything for a perfect look!!

Size: 176 cm (5 ft 9 in) tall
The Complete Avatar Cute includes the following items:
✿ Snowy Snuggles (without Snow) Hair FULLPACK ✿- Rigged Mesh- Size L-B (Adult Version)- Size S (Normal Version)- with color change hud- please wear "Xplosion Fullpack Hud" to change color- (35 different hair colors possible)
✿ SweetWool Shirt Black ✿ - with Lolas Tango and Xplosion Boobs Applier
✿ XBolt Pants BadDayz ✿ - Rigged Mesh- Size XS
✿ Smasher Boots Cut Black ✿ - non-rigged Mesh
✿ Pantie Black ✿
✿ Lily Skin ✿ - Vanilla Color
✿ Complete Avatar Cute Shape ✿ 
✿ Xplosion Boobs Bombs ✿ 
(The breasts are only available with the Complete Avatar Cute ADULT version)- non-rigged Mesh - Color Change Hud (6 Skin colors included) 
- Resizer Hud - 6 Nipple colors - Shirt, Tattoo and Skin Applier option - Lolas Tango Applier compatible - 4 Nipple Piercings 
✿ Lady Eyes ✿ - Bluegrey Color- with Eye Prim
✿ Hands Righty ✿ - Rigged Mesh- Size S- 12 different Poses- Color Change Hud (12 Skin colors included)- 20 different Nail Colors- short and long Nails
✿ Ears Simple ✿ - non-rigged Mesh- 8 different Earrings- Color Change Hud (12 Skin colors included)- Resizer 
✿ Mesh Lashes ✿ - non-rigged Mesh
✿ Texture Lashes ✿ 
✿ Eyeliner AddOn Black ✿ 
✿ Lipstick AddOn Peach ✿ 
✿ Wrist Armband ✿ - non-rigged Mesh
✿ Xplosion SexyWalk (Animation) ✿ ✿ Alpha Layer and Textures ✿✿ Bald Base (Eyebrow Shape) ✿

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