Santa is coming to town

  • Monday, December 08, 2014
  • By Callie Tendandes

Look who I seen racing along  the snow, dashing all the way to the RFL Breedables Fair and Expo!  I heard the bells and got out my cell just in time to snap the picture as he raced across this lovely bridge from  called Stony Brook Bridge available at the Event now!

It's a sure win to any landscaping for the winter seasons in SL. The prim count pulls in at a very low 14 prims - comes in its own rez boxs for easy deployment, with the snow covered bridge a flower and bench on the walkway of the bridge. I absolutely love this.

Sorry to say, Santa and his reindeers are not part of the pack He came from StoraxTree Mesh

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Santa and Reindeers: StoraxTree Mesh ~ Holiday in Flight~

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