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Hello! and thanks for your interest.

If you need to contact me, please remember that  in some cases
it takes  2 to 3 weeks to return  your email

Commenting on the post/blog won't reach me as fast as a email.
Comments are moderated and sometimes will go into my spam folder and not be seen.
For those that might not have scripts enabled for the web form,
Please send  a inworld IM or NC. I will return either as soon as I can.

As nice as I try to be to everyone, I do ask that you do NOT Spam me with im's note cards and emails over and over when either you have been added or want to be added. Yes sometimes I admit i'm slow but I will get to you and your blog will be added. If you have requested an add, please take the time to check if your listed before sending me 20 plus emails asking to be added :) I do try to send a confirm email to everyone.

If you would like to be added to the blog

Send a copy of your blog website link.

  • If I receive a notice from you without the link I will no longer write back and ask for you to send it. ie ex. "Hi I would like to be added to the feed thanks" I'm sorry but I can't work with that. 

A contact email you can be reached back at for any questions or concerns.

Allow up to  3 weeks  for the add

Things you Need :

You Need to have taken the time and effort to add the feed link back to your blog. If a link back can't be found I am sorry to say I will not add you. :(  It would make little sense to ask for " listing"  then not link back right?  You can link back to

You're blog needs be at least active for the last 2 months.

I was asked about music on start of blogs, my personal taste is as a old web designer, is that it drives people from your blog, but that being said .. It is your blog and  your  taste, I will add blogs that have music on start.

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